Cylinder Manifolds

Cylinder manifolds are an important element of gas management in
hospitals. They ensure the supply with medical gases and control the gas
pressure. The core of the system is the Gas Control Station:

‒ Suitable gases: O2, N2O, CO2, Air, N2, Xe, He and Ar
‒ Flow rates of 35, 80 oder 120 m³/h
‒ GCS Basic with pressure gauge monitoring
‒ GCS Control with electronic control unit
‒ Integrated Alarm Management
‒ Interface to external alarm systems (e.g. BMS)
‒ In accordance with DIN EN ISO 7396-1
‒ Upgradable platform concept

Medical System

Parts that we supply is more than just compatible. The quality and design is significantly improves on the previous. It is captured valve design that prevents from falling on the floor during routine maintenance. 

Medical Gas Outlet

A complete medical gas outlet consists of a gas specific rough in assembly for installation before the wall or console finish is completed. Then a matching as specific latch valve assembly and trim plate is installed after the finish is complete. We supply the industry standard for medical gas outlets and terminal units including wall outlets, console outlets, and boom outlets.



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