Bumiputeras’ leading companies in Industrial Service and Supply in Malaysia
Expert on Compressed Air Systems and HVAC / ACMV Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic field
Contributed our services and maintenance care in various sectors including Heavy Industries, Automotive and many more


Abermas Trading Sdn Bhd or ABERMAS is a reputable engineering contractor specializing in industrial service and supply. Since its incorporation on 1st April 2010, ABERMAS has secured and successfully completed sizeable order and contracts from various domestic and international industries for industrial supply and servicing. Its customers came from various sector including manufacturing, automotive, agricultural, food processing, service sector, government and semi-government, academic sector, and hospitality.

As an wholly Bumiputera owned engineering company, Abermas was established primarily to provide complete supply, installation, testing and commissioning as well as operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical along the field of industrial compressed air, filtration, air purification and industrial machineries.

Through the years, Abermas has actively ventured in numerous areas, expanding in size as well as offering wider variety of service in the engineering field. Abermas sees itself as a cutting-edge organization with an excellent combination of competent personnel with an expertise in various field, talented professionals, and a customer-focused culture.


Abermas prioritize our customer’s satisfaction by providing the best service and high quality of product to maximize the effectiveness on every work produced. With years of experience, skilful and well-trained professionals group of technical team always prepared to provide fast and excellent after-sales services.

Evaluation at all route-cause in details, limitless assistance and dynamic operation team to ensure any production process will operate smoothly without any interruptions. All information will be given to customer in data analysis and visual for evidence and record purposes.

We support, maintain and always care on each customer because that is what we love to do. We pride ourselves for providing the best service and high quality of product to our customers and maintain a long-term professional relationship throughout the country.



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